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What do you need to pay attention to when choosing PVC flooring?

As PVC flooring roll gradually gained a foothold in the sports market, people are becoming more and more familiar with it. However, there is still some one-sidedness in the understanding of the thickness of PVC flooring roll. Many people will think that the thicker the thickness of PVC floor, the longer its service life. In fact, simply using the thickness as a reference standard to identify the service life of PVC floor is not accurate. Let's talk about the truth about the thickness of PVC.

1. The life of PVC flooring roll is mainly related to the wear-resistant layer.

Compared with traditional wood flooring, PVC floor looks very thin, but it is necessary to know that another title of PVC flooring is "light body floor." Although light and thin, it is very wearable. The surface layer of PVC flooring has a layer of specially processed transparent wear-resistant layer, and the wear resistance of the wear-resisting layer is also very strong, even if the PVC wall glue is only 2-3 mm thick, it can also ensure that the floor can be used for more than 10 years. It can be seen that the life of PVC floor roll mainly depends on the wear-resistant layer, and there is no direct and inevitable relationship with the thickness of the floor.

2. The thicker the thickness of PVC flooring roll, the more comfortable the feet feel.

Take the same structure of PVC flooring, the thicker the floor, the greater the elasticity of the ground will be, step on it will feel more soft, in other words, the thickness of the thick foot feeling more comfortable. The thickness of PVC flooring roll determines the size of its resilience, the greater the elasticity, the better the resilience.

3. Choose the appropriate thickness of PVC flooring roll  according to the use occasion

Different occasions, the requirements for the thickness of PVC flooring will be different. In some specific occasions, such as dance studios and yoga rooms, the softness and elasticity of the ground are relatively high, so in the actual paving process, PVC flooring with thicker thickness will be selected. For general occasions, you can choose the corresponding thickness of PVC flooring roll according to the actual budget and needs.