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At present, the mainstream of pvc flooring roll is mainly commercial, and major manufacturers have also introduced household products, but the application is relatively small.

The main commercial application areas are hospitals, schools, homes for the elderly, offices, factories and so on. The main application area is in the hospital ward and clinic, because the hospital has high requirements for antibacterial cleaning, PVC floor can ensure that there is no gap between blocks.

Civil mainly or sheet wood grain is the majority. And the world's more famous civil PVC floor brands are in China. Mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Yangtze River Delta region. However, due to the very few applications in China's civil market, almost all the major customer positioning of large sheet factories is export.

Advantages of PVC flooring rolls:

1. The normal thickness of the sheet is between 2.0mm-5.0mm, the specification is generally about 180mm*920mm, the specifications of each manufacturer are different, but they are long strip shape, and wooden floor construction is more complex, first of all, the ground requirements are high, concrete base to do 5cm above mortar floor leveling, leveling layer can not sand can not crack, can not have pollutants, can not be wet The difference between high and low within 2m should not be greater than 3mm, and then the construction should be about 2mm from leveling. Self-leveling construction when the requirements are very high, non-professionals really do not necessarily do a good job, do not explain in detail, self-leveling normal 48 hours can dry through, and then scratch glue. According to the nature of glue, generally dry 20-30 minutes later can be affixed to the floor, piece by piece can be put on. The specific construction technology Baidu a lot of not detailed description.

2. Buckle PVC floor thickness is generally above 3.5mm, in fact, 3.5mm is not recommended for use, because the buckle floor needs to be cut around the lock, the thickness of the lock is easy to damage. Generally, it is also a long strip, according to the situation of the manufacturer has been adjusted, this material construction is very convenient, find the level layer to do self-leveling. After completion, it is as good as making a wooden floor, because there is no glue fixed so it should be left around the expansion seam.

In the ground heating, the first paragraph because there is glue to pull, so as long as the floor warm back to do a good job, there is no need to worry about the floor problems. In the second paragraph, because there is no glue bonding, the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of the floor is much larger than that of the wooden floor, but this problem was solved in the industry a few years ago, that is, a layer of glass fiber layer was added to the floor. If not, it is the factory's workmanship is not home.