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Chile belongs to the Latin American region, so it is a very colorful country in all aspects. So they are very much after bright colors. In fact, the preferences of the people in South America are roughly the same. Therefore, when we explore the hot-selling styles of laminate flooring in Chile, we can learn from Venezuela and other regions.

First of all, I would like to summarize the hot selling thickness of laminate flooring in Chile. In Chile, the hot-selling thickness of laminate flooring is the same as our factory's hot-selling scale, both 8mm and 12mm. These two sizes are not only popular in Chile, but also popular in other countries. Regarding the substrate, they are more willing to choose high-density laminate flooring. The high-density laminate floor has a waterproof factor inside, so there is no need to add a layer of wax. The density of our factory's high-density laminate flooring can reach 860kgs/m3. In addition, according to a Chilean distributor, they rarely recommend waxed substrates in the market. If it is used in humid environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, they generally recommend SPC. It should be noted that if the customer chooses a low-density substrate, we do not need to explain to the customer that another substrate has a higher density and strong waterproof performance. Generally speaking, after we make corresponding explanations to customers, they will make corresponding choices based on their own understanding and needs.

Next, I want to summarize the hot-selling dimensions of laminate flooring in Chile, namely length and width. The popular sizes of our factory are 1220x200mm and 1220x170mm. But in Chile, 1220x240mm laminate flooring is also more popular. When we initially communicate with customers, we should not be obsessed with selling dimensions, so as not to make customers mistakenly think that we cannot produce laminate flooring with a width of 240mm. Therefore, in our negotiations with customers, we must focus on the thickness and wear resistance of the recommended laminate flooring, because these two are the key factors that determine the product quotation. In addition, it should also be noted that if the customer asks us for a quotation, we do not have to determine the wear resistance coefficient before providing the quotation to the customer. We can provide customers with quotations for AC3 according to the wear resistance coefficient. If the customer raises an objection to this, we are discussing the relevant content.

Finally, I would like to summarize the hot-selling colors and surfaces of laminate flooring in Chile. Regarding surface types, small reliefs and crystals are more popular surfaces. In addition, when introducing surface types to customers, we can provide customers with detailed displays in the form of videos or photos. Regarding flower colors, warm colors such as yellow and red are more popular in Chile. So I can start with these two colors when recommending suits to customers. But if the customer has already sent us a color map, try to find the color according to the picture sent, so that it can attract the customer's attention. In addition, after we send out the pattern table to our customers, we can separately send out a few hot-selling colors in the near future. This allows customers to see the renderings more intuitively. If the customer chooses the color on our official website, we can recommend the same or similar color to them according to the picture. In addition, when necessary, we explain to customers that the colors in the color table are only part of it. If they don’t pick a favorite color from it, we can provide more pictures according to their needs. Before the customer chooses the color, determine the customer's order quantity as much as possible, so as to avoid the phenomenon that each color of the customer only needs tens of square meters.If the customer is not sure about the order quantity, we can make a quotation, but we need to specify that this price refers to the price when ordering a container. This method can avoid the misunderstanding of customers. For example, customers think that no matter how many square meters they order, they will always be at the same price.

In summary, understanding the market situation in a certain region is a key step in reaching cooperation with customers. In addition, in communicating with customers, pay careful attention to customer information, such as the pictures they send, so as to accurately determine their purchase intentions. Finally, after we introduce ourselves to customers at the beginning, we can send production videos of related products to customers, so as to attract their attention and strengthen their trust in us.

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