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Why choose dark laminate flooring?

Dark laminate wood plank flooring can be incredibly elegant, bringing rich and Polish space. But with the wrong furniture and floor color matching, the space feels dark and heavy risk. If you've always wanted to bring your dark tile style laminate flooring to their best features, try these ideas.

White walls with light furniture. The most harmonious appearance, choose solid wood furniture, with your laminate wood plank flooring warmth but several colors shades lighter. The light furniture, fluffy white carpet, and white walls are here to provide contrast to the dark click in laminate flooring that does not appear obvious.

Match the furniture legs of click in laminate flooring. You do not always need to compare the dark floor to match the wood furniture as close as possible to the color of your tile like laminate flooring wood is a simple way to feel elegant to let your space put together. If you choose to match the furniture to the floor, apply a light on the wall. It does not need to be white, but the color of the wall should be much lighter than the floor and furniture, so that the space will not appear heavy.


Black carpet, light-colored walls. Patterned rugs in a dark pattern will make your room look richer, more fun not too much attention to yourself. By whitewashing the walls and ceilings, keep all these dark colors clean. If you like a little color, use light blue or lavender.

Dark wood flooring laminate in the kitchen can be very chic. By balancing the dark floor with white cabinets and walls to make the overall effect of elegant light, warm copper metal and wood trims than the floor lighter.

Bright tones, plus white. Celery green is used here, but almost all the bright colors will work. The key is to balance a lot of color (such as the accent wall and carpet here) and a lot of white and keep the other colors to a minimum.

"Blurry" color and layered textures. Looking for a complex city, try to put a series of textures like leather, hide and velvet soft, blurry tones, think gray, taupe and saints fabric, "furniture with dark wood and natural steel.

Greige walls and Moroccan rugs. The fluffy Moroccan rug went almost everything but looked particularly large in dark wood flooring. A gorgeous look with the warm fabric of the walls and neutral furniture for you.The floor is too dark but you do not want to redo ,A good choice is to paint the walls in light blue, decorated with white, hung with warm bamboo curtains, and then spread the area with soft colors to define the area of the carpet.

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