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SPC stone plastic floor has been updated and upgraded in the past few years, spc flooring home depot from the general version of 3.5mm thickness to the current 4.0mm, 5.0mm and so on. spc flooring for sale Now appeared 6mm, 7 mm such thickness of the floor, the floor of this thickness is because the factory in the stone plastic floor spc flooring reviews base layer plus a layer of 1.0-2.0mm mute pad, add sound-absorbing pad can have better foot feeling and sound absorption noise reduction effect.This raises the overall thickness of the spc flooring meaning.

spc flooring brands Sound-absorbing pad: sound-absorbing pad is an ideal sound-absorbing decorative material.

It has the advantages of sound absorption, environmental protection, flame retardant, heat insulation, heat preservation, moistureproof, mildew proof, easy dust removal, easy cutting, Mosaic, simple construction, good stability, good impact resistance, good independence, high cost performance.

Sound-absorbing pad is very popular in indoor sound insulation material, given priority to with new cotton.

With cotton wire sound-absorbing pad spc flooring problems installation is more simple and fast, more high-end atmosphere than sound-absorbing cotton, sound insulation effect is good.

If you are a homewoman who prefers a quiet environment, or would like to use a bedroom at home, add sound-absorbing pads.

Sound-absorbing cotton is the most common indoor sound insulation material.

The construction is very convenient, it can be moisture-proof and waterproof, air permeability is also better, but the flame retardancy of sound-absorbing cotton is not good, spc flooring cost indoor use also need to do other flame retardant measures.

The gradient sound absorption in sound-absorbing cotton is good, the absorption effect of low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency sound is good, the sound-absorbing efficiency is high.

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