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What are the advantages of spc flooring?

Spc floor advantages:


The main raw material of SPC flooring click is polyvinyl chloride. PVC flooring is an environmentally-friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It has been widely used in people's daily life, such as tableware and medical infusion tube bags. Its environmental protection is no need to worry. . The main component of SPC flooring sheet is natural stone powder, which is a new environmentally friendly floor decoration material. Qualified SPC flooring australia needs to pass IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental certification.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin

Vinyl flooring spc floor best brand has a thickness of 3.2mm-12mm, and the weight per square meter is only about 2-7.5kg, which is conducive to the weight bearing and space saving of the high-rise building. It has special advantages in the rental room and secondary decoration.

Super wear-resistant.

The surface of the SPC flooring plank has a transparent wear layer with a wear resistance of 8,000 rpm. The wear-resisting layer on the surface of SPC floor cheap price can be used for 5-10 years under normal conditions according to the thickness. Therefore, in hospitals, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, vehicles and other places with large traffic, SPC flooring bathroom are more and more popular.

High elasticity and super shock resistance

The texture of SPC flooring factory is soft and elastic. It has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. The texture of the coiled floor is softer and more elastic. The comfort of the foot is called “floor soft gold”. At the same time, the vinyl flooring brown has a strong impact resistance, and has a strong elastic recovery for heavy impact damage without causing damage. The excellent SPC flooring benefits minimizes damage to the ground and disperses the impact of the floor on the foot.

Super anti-slip

The wear-resistant layer of the SPC flooring brisbane has a special anti-slip property. In the case of water, the foot feels more sturdy, and it is less likely to fall, that is, the more the water is smashed. Therefore, in places with high safety requirements, such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc., SPC flooring price m2 is the preferred floor decoration material. In recent years, it has gradually become popular in China.

Fire retardant

The fire protection index of SPC flooring board can reach B1 level. It is flame retardant, non-self-igniting, and automatically extinguishes within 5 seconds after leaving the flame. It does not produce suffocating toxic and harmful gases.

Waterproof and moisture

The main component of SPC flooring cleaning is vinyl resin, which has no affinity with water, and does not cause mildew due to high humidity.

Sound absorption and noise reduction

SPC flooring definition sound absorption up to 20 decibels, requiring a quiet environment (such as home renovation, hospital ward, school library, lecture hall, theater, etc.) suitable for SPC flooring distributor.

Antibacterial mildew

The surface of the vinyl flooring durability is treated with special antibacterial and anti-fouling treatment, which can inhibit most bacteria. The choice of home improvement materials is very important. Choosing a good home decoration can bring comfort and convenience to your family, avoid bacteria and harmful gases, and improve your health index.

Small seams

The SPC flooring design has been strictly installed and installed. The seams are very small, and the joints are almost invisible. The seamless connection technology optimizes the overall visual effect of the ground.

Paving simple

Luckyforest SPC flooring europe extrusion line has locks on all four sides, no glue installation, no need for cement, so it is more environmentally friendly, and the cost of manual paving is much cheaper. When installing, just lock the locks together to form a bite. The overall effect of the laid ground is even and beautiful.

A wide variety of colors

SPC flooring floor and decor has a wide variety of colors, such as three-dimensional wood grain, carpet grain, stone grain, etc. The grain is realistic and beautiful, and can be customized. At the same time, the company has a wide range of accessories and decorative strips to choose from.

Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

SPC flooring embossed on line has strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance and can withstand the harsh environment. It is very suitable for use in hospitals, laboratories, research institutes and other places.

Heat conduction and warmth

SPC flooring quality is high, material physical properties are stable, thermal conductivity is good, heat dissipation is uniform, and home heating will not expand and deform. The floor is the first choice for home improvement floor heating and heating flooring in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.

Easy maintenance

The maintenance of the SPC flooring for sale is very convenient, and the floor is dirty and wiped with a mop. If you want to keep the floor lasting, you only need to do regular waxing maintenance, which is much lower than other floors.

Environmental protection and regeneration

SPC flooring formaldehyde is a reclaimed floor covering material that is of great significance for protecting our planet's natural resources and ecological environment.