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1,What are the advantages of vinyl flooring besides 0 formaldehyde?

Vinyl flooring includes SPC click flooring, vinyl floor self-adhesive, PVC roll flooring, and the many characteristics and advantages of vinyl spc floor will undoubtedly become the key floor material in China's interior decoration in the future. So what are the advantages of vinyl flooring?

The key raw material of vinyl click flooring is high-quality polyethylene epoxy resin, high-quality calcium carbonate, pure natural environmental protection, 100% indoor formaldehyde, lead, benzene, no excessive heavy metals and carcinogens, no soluble volatile organic compounds, There is no radiation. In the processing technology, it prevents the dispensing of the interlayer, and can have a series of characteristics such as non-toxic and odorless, 0 indoor formaldehyde, 0 environmental pollution, and raw materials can be regenerated.

Low price:

Vinyl flooring rigin and wooden floors are highly dependent on the geographical environment and have the characteristics of being irreproducible. Moreover, the state regulates and restricts the industrial chain of its raw materials, and also decides on floor tiles. The manufacturing cost of wooden floors will continue to increase. Recyclability, much more cost-effective than laminate flooring.

The floor is non-slip and wear-resistant:

The abrasion-resistant layer of the SPC lock floor has a unique ground slip resistance. In the case of water, the upper foot is more astringent and not easy to slip. The surface of the SPC floor has a fully transparent anti-wear layer that is produced and processed, and the wear-resistant revolution can reach 6000 revolutions. Whether it is a house, or office building, hotel restaurant, large shopping mall and other venues, it is an excellent pavement building decoration material.

Bacteriostasis and mildew removal:

The surface of spc vinyl flooring plank is solved through unique antibacterial and pollution resistance, and has a strong working ability to inhibit the reproduction of bacteria.

Fire and flame retardant:

SPC vinyl flooring click plank meets the fire safety performance of industry standard SPC products, and can achieve B1 level. Its fire safety performance is higher than wood floors and blankets in many floors, second only to floor tiles and stone floors.

Easy to install, easy to maintain:

The vinyl floor grey does not need to apply concrete mortar, and does not need complicated procedures such as the main keel. Just carry out simple cleaning and scrubbing in daily life to maintain the bright color.

2,What are the advantages of SPC flooring and PVC self-adhesive flooring?

Both spc wood flooring and vinyl self-adhesive floor belong to PVC plastic sheet. The dimensions of the two are similar, and the actual effect of paving is also very close. But they also have a clear difference. Glue must be used when paving the SPC click floor best brand, and the paving is connected with the floor lock. The reverse side of the PVC self-adhesive floor is built with polyurethane resin. The two have different structural characteristics and costs.

1. The upper foot is different. The key to the comfort level of the upper foot of the plastic floor is related to the thickness of the floor. The wall thickness of the SPC lock floor is generally above 4mm due to the edge lock. At present, the self-adhesive floor commonly used in the market has a thickness of about 2mm. Therefore, the lock floor has a more comfortable upper foot than the self-adhesive floor.

2.The paving process is different

 (1) The SPC floor stone plastic composite can be installed with the help of the buckle lock in the middle of the floor. The paving is simple and convenient, and there is no need to apply glue in the whole installation process. Ordinary workers can basically install more than 100 square meters per day.

(2) The installation of PVC self-adhesive floor is simpler and more convenient, and it does not require professional adhesive glue for supporting facilities. With the help of the built-in polyurethane resin on the reverse side, it can be immediately glued to the ground.

3. Environmental protection is not the same (1) SPC floor rigid core flooring does not involve glue during manufacturing and paving, so indoor formaldehyde is avoided from the root cause, and it can guarantee the real sense of 0 indoor formaldehyde.

The raw material requirements for PVC self-adhesive flooring are not as high as those for SPC waterproof flooring. Some manufacturers with insufficient rigorous control may contain a small amount of indoor formaldehyde in the glue, which may pose a certain environmental safety hazard.

4. The paving flatness is different (1) The strength of the SPC tile flooring is high, and it is not fixed to the ground with glue when paving. Therefore, the flatness of the ground is relatively high. If the ground is uneven, it is generally necessary to make cement self-leveling before paving.

(2) The PVC self-adhesive floor is relatively soft. If the floor fluctuates gently up and down, it can be paved, but after paved, the floor will fluctuate with the original ground. Such higher areas are very, very easy to damage. At the same time, the ground is not smooth, uneven, or soot and pebbles, it is also very easy to open the glue and warp edges.

5. The application field is different. SPC floor hybrid material has great practicability and is suitable for most application sites, such as homes, corporate offices and colleges, large shopping malls, store rooms, etc. It has high wear resistance and a long service life. The wear resistance of PVC self-adhesive flooring is relatively poor, and it is uncomfortable to use in venues with large passenger flow.

6. The price of spc flooring meaning is different. Due to the more serious product standards, the selection of raw materials is more environmentally friendly. The high-quality raw materials and production process have determined that the SPC flooring republic pure spc max has a stronger practical effect and better paving. Long service life, but the relative price of PVC self-adhesive flooring will be slightly higher.

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