Wholesale laminate flooring parquet herringbone 12mm 8mm with cheap price

Reaction to fire: ≥Class 4
Static indentation: ≥3.0N
Moisture Content: 4%-7%
Water Absorption: 5%
Color:Sandal, Bamboo, Parquet, Fishbone
Design of bevel:V-Groove, U-Groove, Square edge
Thickness:7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm
Surface:Wood Grain, Hand scratched, EVA underlayment

It can save 30% of the total cost when buying directly from the laminate flooring factory!

Luckyforest is the largest laminate flooring manufacturer in northern China, which can produce the most complete laminate flooring surface: Crystal, Small embossed, Medium embossed, Big embossed, Texture,High glossy, Matte, E.I.R, Wood Grain, Hand scratched, EVA underlayment.


1, Our factory provides the brand processing service for customers in more than 90 countries, we have different specifications and different prices to satisfy the different requirements of customers’ requirements.

2, We have 24-hour online service, we have English, Spanish, French, Russian salesman, you can communicate with us without any obstacles.

Product Description

1.We have the art tools and equipment to offer the best services. We aim to provide a  project without too complex, too big, or too small. We are certificated and insured  you a protection in place.

2.We are a floor company that is willing to go above and beyond for our customers. We are kind and humble and treat everyone with respect. We believe in treating customers the way that we would want ourselves or family members to be treated.

3,We are friendly and seek to establish longstanding working relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations at first delivery. We have a customer friendly pricing model.

Our Material Description

1,Fine fiber,with woody spicy flavors.

2,Using high quality raw materials for laminate flooring, HDF high density fiberboard, maintain wood instinctive quality.

Advantages of our material:

1. More than other substrates in addition to impurities in the process.

2. The addition of moisture resistance factor.

3. Fiber is more delicate than ordinary substrate.

4. Longer service life.

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