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Laminate flooring has the advantages of wear resistance, water resistance, impact resistance and flame retardancy, and easy installation. The maintenance is also very simple.

Laminate flooring maintenance method :

1, after the floor just laid finished, should often maintain the circulation of indoor air.

2, overweight items should be placed smoothly, furniture and heavy objects are not hard line push, pull and drag, so as not to scratch the surface of the wear-resisting layer.

3, can not use sharp tools to scrape, scratch the floor surface.

4. Never soak the floor with water in use. If there is an accident, dry mop should be used to dry the floor in time.

5. Keep the floor dry and clean. If there is dirt on the floor surface, dry it with a wet mop that does not drip.

6. Prevent the floor from being baked by cooking utensils and out of shape.

7. A footmat should be placed in front of the door to reduce the wear of sand on the floor.

8. Use special floor cleaner to remove spots and stains.Do not clean with damaging materials, such as metal tools, nylon friction pads and bleaching powder.