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1.The expansion coefficient of the laminate flooring how to install is low after soaking in water. If the laminate floor is soaked in water for less than 12 hours, you can remove the furniture on the floor, try not to step on it, and quickly drain the surface water of the floor, such as using a dry rag All water stains on the surface of the laminate flooring how to cleanshould be wiped dry. The surface water on the laminate flooring should be absorbed in the shortest time. At the same time, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the water vapor in the splicing gap of the soaked laminate floor, or use a hair dryer to dry it with cold air, but Never use hot air to prevent the surface from being cracked and deformed due to heat and drying. Depending on the amount of water, it usually takes about 7 to 15 days to dry. If the product still cannot be recovered after 15 days, you should consider replacing it. Products with better quality or not soaked for a long time can recover on their own.

2. If it is a small area of soaking in water, it is recommended not to pry up the floor to dry, as it will easily cause hard damage to the floor, which may cause serious consequences that cannot be restored. It is best to quickly remove the skirting line of the floor, exposing the expansion joints, and use the expansion joints to dissipate the water vapor. Depending on the amount of water seepage, it usually takes about three to ten days to dry.

3. If it is a small area of laminated wood floor that has been soaked in water for too long, it is best to replace the laminate flooring hallway that has been soaked in water and warped. It is not recommended to plan the arched part and repaint it. After the arch part is planed, repainting will cause inconsistency with other board colors, and the thickness of the entire board is uneven, the force is different, and pits are prone to appear. That is, after prying up, repurchase the floor of the same brand and model for paving.

4. If it is a large area of water, you should notify the floor after-sales service in time, and carefully pry up the wooden floor while keeping the laminate flooring hammer as stable as possible. The weight generated by the lamination prevents deformation. Be careful not to expose it to the sun. When placing it, pay attention to the reverse side of the floor. Generally speaking, it can be used again for better quality laminate flooring hickory.

Generally speaking, the warranty of laminate flooring herringbone only covers product quality and installation quality. Soaking in water is generally a chargeable item, and the cost includes labor costs, laminate flooring and materials and shipping costs for related accessories. In addition, consumers must pay attention to the maintenance of laminate flooring home depot installation at ordinary times. Only by doing a good job in the maintenance of laminate flooring can the life of wooden flooring be extended.


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