When comes to this project, some thing funny happened. Follow me, I’ll introduce you in details.

This happened half years ago. One day, there is some one I did not know add me via wechat, but I don’t know where he from. I just treated him as normal customer. Like a magic customer whole hide all information to me. I can not see the post moment, the profile etc. At beginning, I just treated him as some strange customer who never disclose private information at any time, ant situation only for self protection. So, at that time, I do understand. During the communication, I conscious that he liked gray color with 8mm, I sent some gray colors. I also sent some maple and walnut colors. Seems he knew much acknowledge for floors, he consulted me IMAX technology, import colors, domestic color, I interpreted the difference of these three color types. For the substrate material, I introduced our MDF, MDF WAX, HDF WAX, HDF specifications as his requirements. At the last period, like the mostly situation will happen for a good and successful business, we sent sample as his demands. Only when we get into the period of samples delivering, I knew his details. After he got our samples, he was happy, and noted that he would like to organize a China trip as soon as possible. We meet each other in 20 days. When I meet him, I was so excited, as he was my classmate father during my time in France. I did much greets each other, and talk about my mate Song. After his visiting, he purchased 8mm HDF, with AC4 wear layer for his villas projects.
During the lifetime, it full of exciting and fortune. Let’s looking forward to the best