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Difference between spc flooring new material and recycled spc flooring material, china spc factory teaches you how to distinguish two kinds of materials of spc flooring.

A. Flexibility spc flooring brookstone collection:

(1) The spc flooring with recycled materials is hard as a whole because of more calcium powder and less glue content. It can't stand repeated folding. Its toughness is poor. Its aging speed will be faster. If the pavement is used for a long time, it may produce some small cracks.

(2) and the new material SPC floor bay area is relatively soft, has good toughness, anti-aging, corrosion ability is also very high, even if it is long-term use, it is also very difficult to appear cracks and other aging phenomenon.

B. Pattern and gloss:

(1) In general, spc flooring recycled materials will contain impurities. The SPC flooring design produced is difficult to color. The color of the product is rigid and the color is not bright enough. The pure SPC flooring benefits will contain black spots and other impurities, and it is easy to turn yellow.

(2) The SPC flooring durability produced with brand new materials is easier to be colored, the pattern of the floor will be more delicate and lifelike, the overall color will be more bright, the purity is very high, and the color can be kept bright after long-term use.

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