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Select laminate flooring or ceramic tile? This question should bedevil many customers.

1, Are there old people or children at home?

If there are old people or children at home, it is recommended to pave the laminate wood flooring oak. The old man and the child need to pay more attention to safety because the tile is slippery with water.

2, Is the lighting degree good?

If the living room lighting is not good enough, relatively dark, it is recommended to pave the laminate flooring waterproof. Lighting dark, then covered with cold tiles, interior is more gloomy. On the contrary, the neutral color of the laminate floor can not only expand the visual effects of the living room, in the sun shining, but also to highlight the gentle feeling.

3, Is the living room large enough?

If the living room area of 20 square meters below, it is recommended living room, bedroom, study room with the same kind of material. In this way, with the extension of the visual space, it will make the whole house sense of space more generous and open.

4, Do you have geothermal in your home?

If the home has installed geothermal, it is recommended to choose the laminate flooring good quality. The heat conductivity and heat dissipation of the floor are better than that of the tile.