In the summer of 2018, we visited a customer from south Africa . We took part in the exhibition which hold in south Africa. At the second day during the exhibition, customer Julie came to our booth and disclosed that she operated wedding company. So she was going to research is there any supplier who can supply one time using product meeting her wedding party demands. We are the only factory who also do on time using floors in whole the exhibitions.

I quoted our vinyl roll on site, and also showed some good colors to her. I also left some samples to her, she was satisfied.
Couples days passed way, there is no response from her anyway, no phone answering either. Then we back to China, 1 month later, I received her email response, then I replied her. 2 days later, we did a Whatsapp call, she felt some sorry for no answering from her since we leave, from this content speaking, she is nice at least. I felt so fortune, we get touch well. She got moved by my sincerely service. At last, she purchased our regular pvc roll.
Now let me simply introduce our pvc roll products. For pvc roll, we have regular felt back, red felt back, non-woven felt back. Mainly three types. India, south Africa, PK, South Asia are our domain markets.