This project is an important project we received at the exhibition.It took our whole team half a year to take it down.As we all know, those who can attend international exhibitions are well-known importers or contractors.Without exception, this customer, Peter, is a well-known importer in Pakistan. During the communication, I learned that he has been engaged in the floor import business for 15 years, who full of gentle and professional.Peter sells 7mm and 8mm in their local area all year round. He also dis his own brand. For the click system, he used double click system, for the color, he keen on 3 strips, the surface is common medium embossed.No exception, his hotel project will be the same configuration.In addition, Peter also occasionally purchases some skirting and underlay.These are conventional manufacturers can do that, if we want to receive a deal with this customer, there would be a certain challenge.Now the market is mixed, but, as a manufacturer with 20 years of ground material production history, we are full of confidence, from a professional point of view for the customer to make a satisfactory answer.

Because we have advantages that other suppliers cannot match:

1 long history: we have 20 years of production history, mature production technology, Germany imported production equipment, automatic production line, 1:1 German quality.

2. Scale: with a total area of nearly 40,000 mu, we are the largest flooring manufacturer in north China, which has been guaranteed in terms of quality and delivery time.Normally, we can finish the production within 10 days.For small factories, however, it is measured in months.Some of them are finished in cooperation with other manufacturers even if they can reach that delivery date.It is impossible to guarantee the quality and the perfectly

splicing processing, thus resulting, they can not be used normally.

3. For importers with professional import experience, the challenge of manufacturers' strength is more strictly.We never exaggerate our rhetoric, but invite friends from all over the world for field trips and speak with facts.

4. We have a young design team, full of energy and passion, moreover,we cooperate with the top designers from Spain, Italy and Germany to bring you the world's high-end styles.

5 We have services in many languages, such as English, Spanish and Russian, 24 hour-service.Zero time difference, zero waiting.