I was very impressed with this project, because it was the biggest project I had ever worked on.In August 2015, I received an inquiry from the client's friend, whose name was Mohammed. I replied to him as usual. A day later he called me directly and we talked for about an hour.I introduced him about some acknowledges from the construction of laminate floor, production process, to the last of how to identify and bought properly floors.So we slowly built a foundation of trust.In November, Mohammed happened to visit his friend and partner in China, so we invited him to visit our factory to introduce our strength and our international automatic production line. During the visiting, I know that he was a very famous construction contractor in Kenya.When the tour was over, I contributed him a thick color catalog. A month later, ordered on MDF WAX, with the color of cherry-the most prevail color at that moment.

You may have questions here, how to choose the laminate floor? What advantages does our company have that no other suppliers can match?It is my pleasure to share with you our following advantages:

1 wear-resistant layer: in general, the wear-resistant layer has AC1,AC2,AC3,AC4,AC5. These can not be identified by the naked eye, but the quality varies.For example AC3, wear-resisting revolution can reach 2500r, can use at least 15 years, but small factory may steal the key and change the pillar, through stealing wear-resisting layer to achieve profit,however pays attention to long-term cooperation with the customer, so never cheat in these aspects.

2. At present, we use advanced domestic IMAX printing color, which is rich in color and realistic, and the effect is closer to real wood.At the same time, we also have imported color paper: for example, Germany Krono, Lamigraf, we directly import from the European origin, and at the same time import the supporting steel plate and surface, which perfectly restore the original German quality and effect.Yet many small firms are stuck with 2D photocopying.

3. Surface: our surface feels more textured and more like solid wood. If you have the opportunity, you are welcome to visit our factory and witness our production workshop, so that you can feel what is the color of nature and the surface of solid wood closer to nature.

4 color: some of the substrate selection of branches, tree trunk production, color is more pure with good taste when you scent out, formaldehyde content is low, basic in E1-E0 level

Inferior substrate doping recycling carton and other materials, impurities, dark color, poor quality, smell strong pungent smell.The formaldehyde content is at E2 level.。