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Laminate flooring is now a popular type of floor decoration material. After paving, it is both beautiful and practical, and it is loved by consumers. But is laminate flooring waterproof? Let me take a look.

After the vigorous development in recent years, the craftsmanship and technology of the composite floor have been very mature, so the technical treatment of the composite floor is very professional in terms of waterproofing. Therefore, as long as the selected composite floor is a product of quality up to the standard, its waterproof performance is trustworthy.

There is a protective layer on the surface of the composite floor, such as the aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer on the surface of the laminate floor, and the paint layer on the surface of the solid wood composite floor can play the role of isolation and waterproofing, and most of the composite floor backs will also have corresponding Although the concept of moisture-proof and waterproof will be different for the moisture-proof balance layer, it can also play a certain degree of waterproof effect to a certain extent.

Of course, some consumers may also ask that the laminate floor is actually waterproof, so why does the problem of water swelling still occur during use? Many consumers may not understand that although laminate flooring has a waterproof function, it does not mean that it can completely ignore the impact of moisture. For a long time to leave laminate flooring in a humid or watery environment, laminate flooring will also have problems. After all, it still belongs to the wooden floor. As long as it is a wooden floor, the impact of moisture cannot be ignored.

To sum up, although the laminate floor does have a good waterproof function, we still have to do a good job of waterproofing and damp proofing in our lives, so as to enhance the service life of the laminate floor.