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The water swelling rate of what tool to cut laminate flooring refers to the increase in the thickness of the base layer after the what is the best laminate floor cutter has been immersed in water at 25°C for a period of time. It is expressed in %. The greater the swelling rate, the greater the decrease in the reinforcement after the floor is damp, and the feeling will appear on the surface. The bumps even fall off, the shorter the service life is. Therefore, to identify the water swelling rate of the what is the best tool to use to cut laminate flooring, just put thewhat's the best tool to cut laminate flooring under the same conditions for a period of time as a comparison. The less water absorption, the smaller the difference in thickness from before the experiment, indicating that the water swelling rate is smaller and the quality is better. . We can simply understand through experiments: take two newwhat is the best tool to cut laminate flooring products of the same thickness (both 12mm), we have selected two domestic famous brand laminate flooring brands, LUCKYFOREST laminate flooring and a certain brand flooring, in order to ensure all variables Both are equal. We placed the two floors in a sink with a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius in the same way. The water in the sink is equal, and the soaking time is 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, I took out two pieces of floor at the same time, wiped off the water attached to the surface, and compared the surface and thickness. It was found that the other piece of LUCKYFOREST did not change significantly compared with the previous one. The decorative paper on the surface has almost no other than the edge curled up. Any damage, but another brand of d.r. horton laminate flooring has been immersed and swelled rapidly after absorbing water, and it has expanded from the original 12mm to 28mm, and the surface wear-resistant paper has also fallen off. From then on, the experiment is sufficient to prove the quality of the LUCKYFOREST d g heath laminate flooring. Relatively speaking, it is better.


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