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The floor is the top priority of the family. We must take purchase, installation or maintenance seriously. The floor has been developed to this day, and the more popular ones in the market are the laminated wood floor and the solid wood composite floor. But many times what we buy is not real a laminate flooring underlayment and solid wood composite flooring. I would like to take this editor to provide you with some suggestions. https://beflooring.com/12mm-u-groove-waterproof-laminate-flooring-factory-in-china-p.html

Check the product packaging and check the certificate. For regular manufacturers, whether they are imported or domestically produced, the packaging will be in Chinese or Chinese and English. If the packaging is in English, not all of them are imported. It is very possible that the manufacturer deceives the consumer in order to sell. Regular manufacturers generally use environmentally friendly raw materials that meet national regulations. The most important point is to check whether there is an environmental quality certification certificate.

You can soak a small piece of installing a laminate flooring in boiling water for one to three minutes, and then smell it for any pungent smell. Green and environmentally friendly laminate flooring has low formaldehyde emissions and generally does not smell pungent. If you smell a strong pungent smell, it proves that the formaldehyde content in the floor exceeds the standard.

Learn more about the product. If you want to buy real removing a laminate flooring and parquet, you must understand the formaldehyde emission and wear resistance of the floor. There are also indicators such as water swelling rate, floor strength, and dimensional stability that will affect the quality of a laminate hardwood flooring.


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