With the support of Canadian immigration policy, more and more countries set off a wave of immigration, so that the field of education has also been rapid development. For 

this education group project, a Chinese customer in Canada bought the laminate flooring from our company.To pave his group office, he bought 5600m2 in total. The color 

he bought was LG7491.The substrate material is our HDF, which can be used for up to 20 years. At the same time, we all know that Canada has a cold climate for half a year. It 

is budget friendly to lay the laminate floor and keep warm.He also asked for some skirtings, the whole decoration style looked like the high-end luxury level.Now he is 

considering to repurchase a bulk of new flooring, and the project is under negotiation. The customer will purchase our new Knoro suit this time, lets looking forward to it.

In recent years, more and more laminate floor occupy the international market share, mainly have the following point:

1 laminate floor economy, practical, natural. They drive you have a feeling of being in nature.

2 the country such as Canada is cold in winter, however the character of keeping warm makes it as the first choice that decorates.

3 with the advanced technology, people are getting more and more satisfied on its qualities, features etc.Especially the production technology of our factory, we are the 

unparalled  manufacturer in north China that imports German automatic production line, the leading enterprise of the government, realizing German quality but Chinese 

price.Because of such advanced technology and comparative price, we have won customers and markets all over the world, and even 90% of them are our returning